Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thank you Gary Shenk for Picture

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Gary Shenk for creating my One Lap picture for me again this year. It won't be long till we start to head west to start the 2015 One Lap of America. BTW the donations are rolling in for the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition and if you would like to "ride along" on the car for the trip please send your donation soon. See me or stop by the store. If you would like to donate by credit card visit note One Lap of America in the event section when donating online.
Thank you to all who support us in this cause.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

We kicked off the fundraising on Wednesday night at the Lancaster County Corvette Club meeting and the members were again very generous, Thank you.  FYI I am looking for 3 fundraising "Captains" who are sympathetic to the Breast Cancer cause to help in fundraising.  I can supply you with donation sheets and other helpful materials to help in soliciting from friends, family, co-workers etc.  Just see me or give me a shout.  If you would like to donate by credit card visit  Please note One Lap of America in the event section when donation on line.  The you to all who support us in this caus

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Route Map

Two Members of LCCC Raising Funds for Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition
When doing a world class event such as One Lap of America, I decided several years ago to leverage this awesome experience to the benefit of a great charity. The lives of many of our friends have been touched by Cancer and especially Breast Cancer. Shane Lintner of Mount Joy and I (both members of the Lancaster County Corvette Club) will compete in the 2015 One Lap of America. A major part in this effort will be raising money for the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition. Stickers with the Pink Breast Cancer ribbon will be placed on the car for each donation of $10 or more, and can be “In Honor of”, “In Memory of”, or you can put your own name on to show your support of the Breast Cancer Coalition. We receive many donations of $10 but also many of higher amounts too. Please consider a generous donation to help us meet our goal of $3,000 this year.
This will be Jim’s 7th One Lap of America and he has raised over ten thousand dollars for the Breast Cancer Coalition over the last few years. Make a donation and you can ride along “vicariously” (with your name on the car) on the trip and help a great cause at the same time. The Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition, celebrating its 22st Anniversary in 2015, represents, supports and serves breast cancer survivors and their families in Pennsylvania through educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants. The PBCC is a statewide non-profit organization that creates the hope of a brighter tomorrow by providing action and information to women with breast cancer today.

To make a donation and get a sticker on the car, stop in at the store or send to Jim Roberts, % West Main Auto, 14 W. Main St. Mount Joy, Pa. 17552 along with who to name on the sticker. Please make all checks payable to Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition or PBCC for short. You can also visit and donate by using your credit card. Just click on Donate and follow the instructions. Be sure to fill in One Lap of America when asked for title of event.
I am also looking for a few volunteers who are sympathetic to the breast cancer cause and would like to be a "Captain" to help collect funds from friends, neighbors, co-workers etc, I can provide you with a kit including donation sheets and other helpful items. Please email me at or my cell is 717-527-0110.

To help follow the adventure, I have a blog at and have added a Facebook page, Jim's One Lap Adventure. If you go to the Facebook page and “Like” the page you will see my updates on your Facebook page automatically. Stay tuned for more details on One Lap.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One Lap by the Numbers

I just wanted to share a few numbers about our One Lap of America effort.  We traveled 4336 miles, a little short of our expected distance.  When we lost the day after running at Memphis we were not able to run at the NOLA (New Orleans) Motorsports Park two roadcourse events or the two events in Mobile, Alabama at the asphalt circle track.  With those miles included we would have completed close to 5,000 miles.  The route book calls it a 3323 mile long event, plus another 1200 miles to South Bend and back, plus miles on the tracks and back and forth to motels, etc.

By the numbers--one millimeter of clearance on the PoorVette
front tire, a 944 Porsche with a Corvette engine 
On the fuel mileage front, we only achieved 16.64 miles to the gallon compared to last year at 17.29 mpg.  One of the reasons for less miles per gallon is that we started popping out of 6th gear after leaving New Jersey.  With some 1700 miles left to go, all the highway miles would have to be in 5th gear.  Another thing that holds down the mileage is the track miles are probably averaging about 6 mpg. and while on the road we were towing a tag-a-long trailer carrying tools, spare parts and spare tires.  Not to mention that the engine is a little modified.  In total we spent $996 on fuel and $118.58 on tolls.  The highest price paid for hi test gas was in Dawsonville, Georgia at $419.9 and the lowest was in Alabama for $3.659 for an average price of $3.829.  One of the numbers that was most impressive was the VW Jetta TDI (turbo diesel injected) which averaged 43 mpg for the trip.

Our longest transits were day one at 641 miles from Tire Rack to Grissom Air Force Base, to the National Corvette Museum, then to Memphis Tennessee in the same day.  The overall longest was on Tuesday when we started in Dawsonville, Georgia, completed 2 events at Atlanta Motorsports Park, drove 147 miles to the BMW Performance Center in Greer, South Carolina.  We then finished the day (and night) going 651 miles and ending up in Millville, New Jersey for a one day total of 798 miles.

One thing we didn't count but certainly noticed is the amazing number of road construction areas or the miles of orange barrels.  Another items too frequent to count was the potholes which are certainly more noticeable in a car with a tightened and lowered suspension.  I'm not sure that my wheels are still straight, but I don't know how we didn't damage
a tire on some of those holes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

We made it Home sweet Home!!

Third in Class
We were hoping to make it home on Saturday night and we did but with just minutes to spare. Actually pulled in the driveway at 11:57 pm after a 596 mile run from South Bend.  This morning we ran the Dry Skid Pad competition and then went inside The Tire Rack's massive warehouse to a banquet and awards presentation with the menu featuring steak.  The steak dinner was greatly appreciated after our culinary staple for the week consisted of mainly McDonalds due to the long transit drives and the desire to not spend much down time in a restaurant.  The real bonus was when the McDonalds or another fast food palace was part of or at least next to a gas station so we could fuel both the car and us at the same time so we could save time.  At the Banquet we received our award for 3 place in class.  Unfortunately there is no award for 23rd place overall, but we are pretty proud of that finish after missing 4 events on Monday with a bent  valve and 2 broken valve springs.  Our goal on leaving home to head for the event was a top 20 finish.  After we had our bent valve problem we reset our goal to finishing in the top half of the field.  That meant 26th or better.  After the 1st event at Gingerman we were in 28th place.  I placed 7th in the second Gingerman event and 12th in the Dry Skid Pad event bringing us up to 23rd overall.  With the problems we had that is a very satisfying finish.
Thanking my Transit Driving partner and those who helped us.

Don't forget we are still raising money for our charity, the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition. We still need a few hundred dollars to meet this years goal. For a donation of $10 or more we will place your name on a Pink Ribbon sticker on the car, or the name of someone you would like to honor or memorialize.  Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition helps women going through Breast Cancer as well as helping to fund mammograms and research. Help us meet our goal. Please make any checks out to Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition or PABCC and send to Jim Roberts 14 W. Main St. Mount Joy, Pa. 17552.  To donate with your credit card go to click on "get involved" and then "events" and it will show Jim's One Lap Adventure, please indicate it is for Jim's One Lap.  This event is really a lifetime experience and we felt is was a good way to leverage it to the benefit of the community by raising funds for this worthy charity.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Last Event--Day 8-- Dry Skid Pad--Good Finish

Reg Noble's car broke yesterday at Gingerman, pushing around dry skid pad
There is a car in there!
This is the last day of competition after a grueling week of long miles and little sleep.  At this point we have achieved our goal of the top half of the field.  The day presents both concern and opportunity.  We need to do well not to slip any positions but if we do real well we might gain another position or two.  When I finished my run, the announcer proclaimed "Jim Roberts is 1st in class, 1st overall", wow was that great to hear.  The only problem is that the field in inverted and the fastest cars were still to run.  My 1st held out for several cars, but then it started and we ended up slipping down the speed charts a bit.  The good news is we finished in 12th place for Dry Skid Pad and moved up 3 more positions overall.--
Picture of Reg Noble being pushed around Dry Skid Pad for a symbolic finish.  The other picture of the guys having fun doing donuts and burnouts after the competition was complete.  Most doing burnouts were those who had a trailer to haul their cars home from South Bend.

Gingerman/Mother Nature--A mixed bag

Trying to stay dry under the canopy
Gingerman Raceway near South Haven Michigan was a fun 2.14 mile 11 turn track near the eastern shore on Lake Michigan.  It had rained overnight and was still raining when the first half of the field ran which really held the times down.  It also had water sloshing around on the floor pan of the open, go kart like, Ariel Atom.  By the second half of the group, the rain stopped the wind kicked up and the back half was running on a dry track.  This really skewed the results with many of the front runners deep in the field and some of those farther back in overall standings at the front of the finishing order.  The afternoon wasn't quite a dramatic with the track not quite as wet for the start but still drying more as time went

Lining up to go on track
on.  My first run was in the wet and a bad finish of 38th place.  My second run there was still moisture in the track but a lot dryer than my first run and I was able to run down the car in front of me, make a pass and ended up with a very satisfying 7th place finish.  One note, turn ten was an off camber skid pad sized turn and had no grip and really felt like a skid pad exercise, which is bad since it leads to the long back straight and you want to be back on the throttle quickly.  Well, everyone had to deal with the same turn;^)