Thursday, May 5, 2016

Catching up after lack of sleep

The rain kept chasing us this week and we had damp but drying conditions at ncm (Corvette Museum racetrack) in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I did not have a good result with a big spin in the morning event and a 37 place, then I guess I got a little more conserative with my driving and only got a 39 place finish in the afternoon.  After all that we started a 553 mile run to Elkart Lake, Wisconsin but not leaving till about 2 pm, another very late night.
We really had a full day at Road America, one of the fastest and longest road courses in the country. We had two high speed track events, an Autocross, then off to Great Lakes Dragway about 100 miles to the south. As we were leaving Road America, we suspected we have a bent valve in the engine, however we decided to go and compete in the drags anyhow, good choice, I finished 28th overall in the fastest ET run and 4th place in the Bracket Drags. I have now climbed back to 28th place overall and 4th place in class and we are within striking distance of a few more positions, but with a wounded engine, who knows?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Sun Came Out at Summit Point

I was looking forward to getting to Summit Point but then the weather report changed to rain. Fortunately the weatherman is not always right. The track was drying but had some wet/damp areas that challenged the grip for the first event in the morning, but I was pretty pleased to finish 25th. Our afternoon was full dry and I had my best finish of the week with a 20th place. In three days I have moved up from 47th place in the overall standings to 27th place, and tied for 3rd in my class. The next big challenge of the day was the 653 miles over to Bowling Green, Kentucky for our next event at the National Corvette Museum's new race track.

Whiskey Hill at Palmer Mass.

Spent Monday at the new track near Palmer Mass on the Whiskey Hill course. It is an amazing track, unfortunately it was a bit wet but drying in the morning, then full wet for the second event in the afternoon. It looks like it could be a lot more fun when fully dry. It is on the top of a mountain and has 190 feet of elevation change. It looks like someone took a quarry and made a race track out of it. The track just keeps going up and up then finally starts its run back down and those rock and concrete wall are pretty close. Check out the pictures, but they don't do justice to the awesome elevation change. I had a very respectable 26th place in the drying conditions and 41st in the rain. Well better luck tomorrow in Summit Point, West Virginia after a 553 mile drive.


Sunday at Pitt Race

Sorry I'm a little behind on my postings but the transits kind of tire you out.
Pitt Race was the start of our road courses for the week. We got off to a slow start with a wet course for the first run. Last year they extended the course with an additional section called the South Course. We ran the combined North and South Full Course. I was kind of mid pack with a 39th place in the morning and 32nd in the afternoon runs. Tonight we will arrive in Palmer Mass. after a 500 mile plus drive. Hoping to do a little better as the week wears on.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Looks like a rainy week!

Here the car sitting in the rain in the parking lot at Tire Rack in South Bend, Indiana.  Hope it looks this good at the end of the week.  All the stickers on and Tech completed. We ran the wet skid pad Saturday and my result was not as good as I wanted, but it is only the first event of 19 for the week so we will keep trying.  Off to Cleveland then Pittsburgh before we sleep Saturday night, only 527 miles, then we run Pitt Race on Sunday.  This years group looks extremely competitive.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Still Room for Donation Stickers

If your name is not on the roof of my car, there is still room.  Donate to Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition at PBCC.ME, be sure to note One Lap of America. Thank You. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

PBCC Grassroots Partner Spotlight:  
             One Lap of America

Posted By PA Breast Cancer Coalition on April 14th, 2016 at 12:15 pm 
One-Lap---PinkLink--1Two men and one Corvette are making a huge difference. Mount Joy business owner Jim Roberts, of Jim Roberts West Main Auto, and Joe Vasta are looking to rally the local community in his “One Lap of America” adventure. During the first week of May, this national endurance race challenges the preparation and staying power of both man and machine while raising money for charity.
Stickers will decorate the roof and body of the Corvette and can be purchased for a minimum donation of $10, benefiting the PA Breast Cancer Coalition (PBCC). The donor name will be listed, or stickers can be purchased in honor or memory of a loved one. To make a donation, visit and fill in “One Lap of America” when prompted for the Title of Event.